The Perilous Adventures of Time Travel

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The Perilous Adventures of Time Travel

Thirteen-year-old Sam Steelonni’s parents, world-renowned physicists and adventurers, are missing! Sam discovers they were experimenting with time travel and succeeded, but got lost in the space-time continuum.

Sam launches a dangerous rescue effort, with help from best friend Cecilia “Cici” McSimmons and his trusted buddy Michael C. “Charger” Banyan. His animal friends – Raven, the extraordinary cat, and Akamaru, the big dog – also join the rescue effort. He is shocked to learn that when humans and animals journey through time together, they can talk to and understand each other!

The rescue team is immersed in history and learns firsthand about people and events Sam has only read about. However, the evil Dr. Ivan Molnikov, his parents’ long-time rival, wants to claim the world-changing discovery as his own; and he will end anyone who gets in his way! Will Sam find his parents without losing himself or his friends in time? Or will Molnikov find them first? What kind of trouble will they get into along the way?

Find out in The Perilous Adventures of Time Travel, Book One in the “Essence of Time Trilogy.”

Randy Gaddo

Middle Grades


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