High on the Saddle

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High on the Saddle

An Intergenerational Adventure into the Mountains of Oregon!

Share the special bond of an adventurous grandma and her nature-loving grandchild who live just up the path from each other on a working farm and forest in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range. Walks to explore their surrounding area are regular occurrences, but now they have planned something special.

Join them as they embark on a strenuous hike to the summit of Saddle Mountain in the Oregon Coast Range, where “On a clear day, you can see the Columbia River meet the Pacific Ocean and all the shoreline down to Nehalem Bay—about fifty miles.” Experience the delight and surprises that enfold along this hike. The summit experience has the added bonus of awakening the child’s awareness beyond what is learned on the hike itself.

Bonnie Shumaker

6 to 10