Randy Gaddo developed his writing skills as a United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondent. For twenty years he served as a photojournalist, editor, press chief and media officer, telling the Marine Corps story to the public. He has been published in many military and civilian newspapers, magazines, and other publications. He now is a freelance writer. “The Essence of Time Trilogy” is his first entry into writing books. He read books as a child, and read to his children when they were young, and knows how important the plots and characters in books can be. He writes with the reader in mind, whether he or she is a young reader, a parent reading to their child, or an educator or librarian choosing a book for young readers. Randy currently lives in Athens, Georgia, with his wife, Ellen, and two cats—Rouse (pronounced ROUS EE – named after Ronda Rousey, the WWE woman fighter) and Scooter. They have three grown children